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We at DirectSellBuy believe that as an owner, 'Your Property Is Your Asset, Only You Would Care The Most About It'... therefore we believe only you can fetch the best deals in your favor NOT any broker/agent. gives you the complete freedom to publish the properties in your own way. Your Personal Involvement Will Allways Give You a Complete Satisfaction Than a Third Party's Involvement. Therefore, came into being. It is a game-changing real-estate website/online portal that allows you to buy/sell/rent a property without the use of a third party, such as a broker, an agent, or brokerage company, etc. thus saving you from paying any commission. It gives you the complete control over the transaction. This platform is created to remove any deliquencies in the transaction process, creates trust and transparency, and saves one from the hefty commissions otherwise paid by the owners/buyers/tenants/developers to sell/rent their properties.

Our Aim

  1. Help you save money by avoiding expensive brokerage commissions.
  2. Not be charged any unnecessary additional fees.
  3. Maintain complete transparency and open lines of communication with the seller/landlord.
  4. Have complete control over negotiations with the seller/landlord.
  5. One portal for all real estate-related information under one roof.

We at DirectSellBuy, on our end, verify all the properties that are listed. This is to make sure that all the properties that are listed on our platform are legit and are listed only by genuine owners. From the comfort of your house, you can connect directly with buyers/sellers/landlords/tenants/developers. DierctSellBuy gives two parties the freedom and control to trade directly, communicate directly, negotiate directly, meet directly, and collaborate directly without the use of a broker or an intermediary. On DirectSellBuy platform, all sorts of real estate properties are advertised and found.
DirectSellBuy is one of the few portals in the UAE that provides this service, but what distinguishes our platform from others is that it provides instant dedicated one-on-one phone and online help. Even though you will be the one to navigate your way through the process of finalizing your sale or rental arrangements, our team of professionals is always accessible to give essential help and guidance to our valued customers. So what are you thinking about - Find it, Pick it and Get it! We are happy to help always!!

People behind the scene

Our team

Ayub Khan

Founder & CEO
real estate reviewws uae

Our team members are ready to help our clients!

We love what we do and we do it with passion.

Board Advisory

Pavandeep Soodan

Finance & Risk Management

Dr. Waseem Chishti

IT & Product Development

Co founders

S. W

VP Sales

T. K.

VP Strategies

Management Team

Sana Khan

GM - Operations

Dr. Farzana Irshad

Head of Programme Management


Web Developer & Digital Marketing Specialist

Support Team


Senior Relationship Executive


Digital Marketing Executive

Mohamed Awad

Digital Marketing Executive

Mohamed Ali El Sayad

Accounts Manager
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